"As flowers bloom, so does hope." ~Lady Bird Johnson

Assisted Living

About Park Creek

Flowers bloom with good soil, water and tender loving care. They give back tenfold by engaging our senses with wonderful scents and natural beauty. That's what assisted living is all about! On our assisted living unit, it is providing the assistance a person needs to maintain independence, enabling them to give back to the community in their own way. It is also about recognizing that an individual wants choice, dignity and privacy. Our Park Creek staff understands and supports the residents with the knowledge, skill and training to provide such an environment. We partner with family members to create a nurturing, holistic approach to care. By assisting in meeting basic needs or, on occasion, lending an extra helping hand, residents continue to lead fulfilling lives. Living at Park Creek is not an end. It is the beginning of a new life to be shared in a loving community.

"Life is like a rose...More exquisite and precious when shared with others." ~Jane Oeschsle Lauer

Memory Care

About Park Creek

It is difficult to relinquish the care of a loved one experiencing memory loss to those you don't know. Our Park Creek memory care team understands this concern and appreciates how difficult it is for a family. Through the efforts of our experienced and loving staff, we work, with family members, to make the transition to living in a community a positive move. Through individualized assessments, personalized care is implemented. Support for redirection and reminders are offered. Hands on, loving care can be provided. With this peaceful environment established, there is structure and familiarity. Residents thrive in an atmosphere of dignity and fulfillment. A person's uniqueness as an individual continues to be appreciated despite changing strengths and abilities.