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Geri Robinson, Administrator
Natalie Galbo, Health Services Director 
Renee Frazier, Case Manager 

Laura Chinn, Dietary Director

Gay Queeno, Human Resource Director 



Jane Nogowski, Marketing Director


Sam Mathews, Activities Director


Tony Giambra, Environmental  Director  



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Choosing Assisted Living

Choosing to move to an assisted living community can be a difficult decision and seem overwhelming.  Some questions to ask to help find the best place to meet your needs might include:

  1. Is the atmosphere warm, inviting and home-like?
  2. Does the staff interact with you while touring?
  3. Are staff members interacting with the residents and calling them by name?
  4. Do the residents appear happy?
  5. Are you able to speak with the residents regarding their impressions of the community?
  6. What would a resident's daily schedule include? How much independence is supported?
  7. Are visitors welcome at any time?
  8. Is the building free from odors and appears clean?
  9. Is there a good mix of natural and artificial lighting?
  10. What are the admission requirements?
  11. Is there a written care plan?
  12. Is family input/involvement encouraged?
  13. Are medical services provided? How are services offered?
  14. What happens if additional services are needed? What would those services cost?
  15. Does a dietician approve the resident meal plan?
  16. What personal belongings can a resident bring?
  17. What are the billing, payment and credit policies?
  18. Where are medications administered?
  19. Is there assistance given when transitioning to the community?
  20. Are staff members available for assistance 24/7?