My family and I cannot thank you enough for the outstanding care that you gave to my sister... She was treated with the utmost respect, fabulous care and most of all with a sense of humor...you all are "simply the best".
Fran & Jim E. & family

You will all be remembered as the best group of people we could ever hope to meet. The care you provided was unmatched.

The words "Thank You" don't seem enough to express our gratitude for all you did for Mom and for us.
Josephine and John R.

Thank you for all of your friendship and being so caring in helping me have a great life during my stay at Park Creek.
Catherine K.

What a great group of residents you have!!
Pat from Dare 2 Dance

Park Creek is a wonderful community and may it always remain...a place of joy, laughter, and love.
Marta P.

Park Creek is simply a wonderful and caring community for my mother and our family. It is her home and our home also.
The Family of Nicholina R.

Park Creek is an oasis in a beautiful park. Joe likes to watch the rabbits, deer and birds. More importantly it's the caring staff that make him and the whole family feel at home.
Kathleen T.

This is a great place to work! I have a wonderful feeling every day when I see the people here so happy.
Kala R.
Park Creek Staff

I wouldn't want to work anyplace else or for anyone else but Geri and Sue.
Jill K.
Park Creek Staff
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