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My mother was a resident at Park Creek. I was so impressed with the quality of care provided, that after her passing, I decided to work here. As a nurse with high standards and ethics, I am able to give the care necessary to ensure the residents are happy and healthy.
"My family and I were faced with the fact that our Mom could no longer live alone. She was 91 years old, an independent woman who was diagnosed with cancer. It was a very hard decision to make because, as a nurse, I was aware of the lack of care given in some facilities."

"I was lucky to get my Mom into Park Creek. Though it was tough for her to give up her home, the staff and other residents made her feel at home. I was very impressed with the care Mom received. After her death, I decided to work at Park Creek. I am an individual with high nursing standards and work ethics. Here at Park Creek I can give the quality of care I need to give. It's also a fun place to work. I actually look forward to coming to work!"

Barb J.